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Prevention Project "The Hedgehog File" -
Violence against and among children and adolescents
For details, see www.geheimsacheigel.de
Recommendation letter from District Office Ostallgäu for "The Hedgehog File"
Performance of 'The Hedgehog File' in a kindergarten.
Performance of 'The Hedgehog File' in a kindergarten.
In 1998, conceived the actor, writer and director Olaf Krätke and theater educator Thomas Garmatsch at the initiative of the Rotary Club of Kaufbeuren a violence prevention project for kindergartens and primary schools (up to and including the fourth grade) and called it "top secret hedgehog.
The project consists of a play that Olaf Krätke wrote with Thomas Garmatsch, and is played in the educational institutions in various classes and kindergarten. Then the actors talk to the children run about.
The children book 'The Hedgehog File' of Olaf Krätke (author) and Thomas Garmatsch (graphics).
The children book 'The Hedgehog File' of Olaf Krätke (author) and Thomas Garmatsch (graphics).
This project teaches the children to age groups in the classrooms and group rooms, the problem of "violence" in all forms closer and sensitized them for that. Parallel Representatives of aid agencies (eg emergency phones will be "The Net", etc.), offices (Youth Offices, offices for family and children, public health departments of counties or cities), experts (such as child psychologists, therapists, etc.) are kept ready to know the project seeking help and support and act as a focal point for information and advice. This is true for teachers, kindergarten and Hortpersonal as well as parents and children. The prevention project "Hedgehog is top secret" as the Bavarian State Youth Welfare on the recommendation list, as well as the country's Center for Child Action Bayern eV In addition, it is also recommended by Ostallgäu district office and the Social Department of the Berlin Senate.
Crumb and Rooty, the leading characters of the play.
Crumb and Rooty, the leading characters of the play.
The violence prevention project sees itself as an emotional "door openers". can be closely linked with the theme of the play, the teacher / interior work in the facilities then the content and design paint (such as images, perform action and role-plays, essays shape reappraise video projects, photo projects, etc.) and so this difficult topic with children.
'The Hedgehog File' at the ARD Kinderfest Cologne 2001
'The Hedgehog File' at the ARD Kinderfest Cologne 2001
Since the premiere of the play on 26 October 1998 to February 2010 nationwide were more than 1,500 performances in kindergartens, primary schools, at fairs (including Int. Frankfurt Book Fair 2000, Int. Leipzig Book Fair 2001, the Federal Garden Show in Munich in 2005, etc.) carried out with overwhelming success. In all performances Krätke Olaf was in multiple roles on stage.

We truly look forward immensely to the violence prevention project has "top secret hedgehog" since early 2009, two patrons: First, the well-known and popular actor WALDEMAR KOBUS that excites the audience not only in the theater, but also by his wonderful roles in national and international film - and for television, such as "The Captain" (ZDF, 2009), "Operation Valkyrie" (alongside Tom Cruise, who is running currently in theaters), "Miracle at St. Anna" (directed by Spike Lee) , "Black Book" (in this case led "Basic Instinct" director Paul Verhoeven director), "Speed Racer" (from the Wachowski brothers of "The Matrix" fame) were the TV series "Alles Atze" in which he as a policeman was known and many more


Wolfgang Krebs
In addition, the popular and famous comedian WOLFGANG KREBS, who brings his audience not only in his numerous live performances laugh and think, but also through his inimitable illustrations of the various Bavarian Prime Minister (Stoiber, Beckstein, Seehofer) in the weekly satirical magazine "cross" known in the Bavarian television and radio was.
With these two dedicated and socially, educationally competent as patrons get our violence prevention project, a sustained and vigorous support!


Welcome of our patron, Waldemar Kobus
Top secret, the hedgehog encouraged children to say "no" when someone steps too close to them if they happen to violence.
Top secret hedgehog land in the imagination of children and allows children who have already suffered violence to break their silence and speak about their experiences.
Every child, which is then defend or can be protected against violent, represents a tremendous success dar. And from this success has already made some of the hedgehogs.
However, the hedgehogs is not quite top secret side effects:
In many cases, this means acting at crumbs, root, sunflower, hedgehog and the other for the spectators and participative children the first contact with the theater. Watch as these children, who often moved only images from television and cinema are probably used to start responding to hand and herzgemachte presentation of the hedgehog-music ensembles and is very exciting.
That's why it is my heart not only personal but also very happy, full and stand completely behind this unusual "top secret".

Waldemar Kobus

Welcome of our patron Wolfgang Krebs
Violence has many forms. Everyone is familiar with situations in which he does not feel well because he is oppressed. Violence we meet again, but violence can reply also. This project "top secret hedgehog shows" can be achieved.
We learn: "NO!" to say.
That's in early childhood is very important. But not only children can learn to be vigilant if they are force by the back door sneaking. Adults also look through the "Children's glasses", where found ways out for seemingly deadlocked situations. In so far this project can be a light at the end of the tunnel when one gets to it.
For me it means very much for allowing me to participate in this violence prevention project of Olaf Krätke. I hope that "top secret Hedgehog" to help make our world more peaceful.

Wolfgang Krebs


The hedgehog becomes a film hero
In the fall of 2007, preparations began for the film adaptation of the successful play "top secret hedgehog. The JRC Film Entertainment GmbH, the gripping story to produce crumbs, root, and the blue man, directed by Olaf Krätke. The charming children's film, a mixture of animation with real actors. To the film appropriate for children and age-specific to make sure picked the director and the production decreased to countless children's drawings of the project. Based on these studies arose the whole movement and graphic designs of the movie hero character for the animation sequences and backgrounds, in turn, could begin before the shooting with the actors and actresses mid-2008. To the producer and director Florian Schaipp Olaf Krätke it was very important to get the adequate style of the play and also in the film realize. The crew to producer and director Florian Schaipp Olaf Krätke have already successfully cooperated in 2006 with the thriller "blood ties", where Olaf was Krätke but as an actor before the camera.
For the post of children's films could be required for the main role of the Crumbs Sonja Bornemann, embodied this role in over 1100 performances of the play has. Moreover, Olaf Krätke plays in film version again the role of root, the friend crumb, in which he has hatched on stage countless times. Particularly happy, the producer and the director Florain Schaipp that internationally renowned actor Eric P. Caspar ("The Bible", "Sobibor", etc.) on the role of the "blue man" and the well-known and popular actor and cabaret artist Wolfgang cancer (BR "cross" etc.) could win as spokesman for the role of the "blue box". To complete the ensemble by Tobias Mayer, a young Bavarian actor will lend his voice of the little hedgehog. But eventually forms the bead of this beautiful film, the music and the "sunshine" song that nobody sings lower than Sonya Welter and Susie Bloss (known as ICEGIRLS in "tabaluga tivi in ZDF). Along with music producer Chris Raab they wrote the music and the song and played it one for the film. The DVD of the film was marketed nationwide in 2009 by the company MOVIE ASSORTMENT Kay Gollhardt in the trade and offered to the media centers and schools.


"The Hedgehog File" is now available nationwide
About the expansion and intensification of violence-prevention work with by children and teachers / educators are so popular and prestigious "top secret hedgehog" Olaf Krätke particularly pleased: "With the growing and massive violence and brutality, especially among young people and children, violence is in our society more important. We have to our children and young people different and peaceful ways communicate in dealing with each other, as the upcoming major problems and challenges and to us humans - such as environmental protection, global warming and more global business and work - only common, peaceful and can be solved in partnership, "
To more effectively in all regions of Germany and acting be founded Olaf Krätke some ensemble. So he could win in the Berlin theater colleague Tatiana Müller and colleagues Claas dice, looking after the project in Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. In Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Switzerland, the actress Dina Roos and Tanja Horisberger are responsible. In Hamburg since 2010 and the facilities are Teresa Baumert and Christian Winter and available in Bavaria Tobias Mayer, Sonya Welter and Susie Bloss. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Hesse and Saarland, the local ensemble are currently under construction located.
All ensemble work very closely with Olaf Krätke, both in terms of preparation and rehearsal phase, but also the further project implementation. Of course, the same educational and artistic quality work is achieved with the children and guarantees, as we have in the original cast, so far, can look back from October 1998 to February 2010 to around 1,500 successful performances.
There are just as parents and offered information evenings and the stakes of the ensemble in the educational institutions with proven teaching companion, the radio play, the book and provided support to the film (on DVD).

From autumn 2010 "The Hedgehog File" will be internationally available. The well-known and popular actress, Verena Buratti will start the well-recognized prevention project in South Tiroland from there be active in Italian. Also the actress Ann-Birgit Höller starts with „The Hedgehog“ in Austria, as well as Tanja Horisberger in Switzerland.


General contact address for questions and communication with regional ensembles:

Ensemble Sonola
Olaf A. Krätke


All contacts in each state can be found here

Radio Play - CD
To optimize the follow-up materials for educational institutions and expand in the spring of 2010 was a radio play - CD. Besides the fact radio play based on the successful stage play and in which the actor acts as narrator and Lars Haberland, Sonja Bornemann as "crumbs" and hear Olaf Krätke in all other roles, there are still lots of music and songs. The popular and popular ICEGIRLS (Sonya Welter and Susie Bloss, known from "tabaluga tivi in ZDF) and the Munich music producer Chris Raab some" courage-Mach-songs "for children to compose one, join in singing along, and be glad. The radio play CD "The Hedgehog File" in June 2010, including in the distribution of the distribution company Filmsortiment.de Gollhart Kay, as well as the appear b & b media services.

In March 2010, the nationwide scale association "The Hedgehog supporting foundation“, among other things, the educational institutions, the financing and thus the implementation of violence prevention project in their kindergarten, nursery, primary school is to enable easier and etc.. The founding members include Ursula Buchner (Softest GmbH), Ulrike Hartmann (Senecca Coaching & Communication), Dr. Christopher von Harbou (Heiss, Kursawe, Eversheds lawyers), graduate social worker Wolfgang Hawel, cabaret artist Wolfgang Krebs, Susann Tabatabai (Gestalt therapist) and Joachim Kesting (b & b media service).

Bericht des Evangelischen Presseverbandes vom 3. Juli 2010
Rundfunkbeitrag über "Geheimsache Igel"

Geheimsache Igel (TVA Cham, 2006)

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