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Current projects

August / September 2010  
Testing Life The Hollywood production "Testing Life" (Exciting Films, Los Angeles, directed by Carolin von Petzholdt) in which Olaf Krätke plays the main role as Dr. Schmidt, was sucessfully submitted to USA Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Los Angeles Movie Awards, DALLAS International Film Festival, Indie Fest, NewFilmmakers LA film festival, Brooklyn Film Fest, Spokane International Film Festival, Cinequ...est Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival.
Wickie auf großer Fahrt – 3D In August, the shooting began on the big movie adventure comedy "Vicky and the treasure of the gods" in which the popular actor again takes on the role of the old, wise, Urobe, with whom he had last year such a huge success (the "German Comedy Award 2009 ", enthused over 5 million admissions in Germany alone, etc.). Under the direction of successful director Christian Ditter ("The Crocodiles part 1 and 2“) it is for this the first 3D German feature film, which will be filmed at Walchensee, in the Bavaria Studios Geiselgasteig in Burghausen and in Malta. Olaf Krätke is glad working again with his lovely and wonderful fellow actors as Jonas Hämmerle, Waldemar Kobus and the other "strong men" on this exciting adventure film.
July 2010  
Zaid und Herr Morgenstern Directed by Stephan Baraniecki and Marc Widmann the expressive actor stars as fatally ill Mr Morgenstern embodies where film drama "Zaid and Mr. Morgenstern" (www.zaid-und-herr-morgenstern.de). This film in which the central theme is the conflict between people, the people and their environment and not least the conflict of man with himself is, shot in Schwäbisch Hall and the Hallywood Productions GmbH produces.
"Der Männerclub" In the Internet series "The Men's Club" Olaf Krätke embodies the role of Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kohl Busch. With this in Dießen Ammersee twisted series, leads the award-winning director Achim Wendel director with whom the actor worked together already in three other productions, including has "London lies at the North Pole" successfully.
June 2010
Der Fall Max Mustermann
Olaf Krätke has just finished the filming of the social-thriller "The case of John Doe", in which he embodies the role of interrogators customs chief constable. Director of this film, shot in Helmstadt / Marienborn, is the successful Achim Wendel who worked already together with Krätke on the award-winning film "London is at the North Pole". Both films were produced by Benjamin Huber (Langmatt Media).
Die Kleine mit dem roten Schuh Previously, the versatile actor the lead role of Tom in the gentle short film drama "The girl with the red shoes" has played, making the blows of fate shatters haunt him. embodied in Munich at the resulting film in which the famous actress Henrike Fehrs to Krätke side, the female lead, directed by Wolfgang Christian Bayer (Production: Paria film production).
May 2010
Das Landratsamt Ostallgäu hat für seine pädagogischen Einrichtungen für 71 Kindergärten und 29 Grundschulen die didaktische DVD des Filmes "Geheimsache Igel" gekauft.
The District Office Ostallgäu has bought for its educational facilities for the effective implementation of violence prevention for 71 kindergartens and 29 primary schools, the educational DVD of the movie "The Hedgehog File" (Director: Olaf Krätke). Here at the official handover to the areas (from left to right): Eva Storf (Kindergarten consultancy District Office), Dipl. Soz. Ped Wolfgang Hawel (Prevention Officer District Office), Johann Fleschhut (Ostallgäu district administrator), Olaf Krätke (actors, creators of the project), Sonja Bornemann (educator and actress of the movie) and Mr. Wittek (school board).
"London liegt am Nordpol" ausgezeichnet als "Bester Film national" On the 20 min / Max. Short Film Festival 2010, in Ingolstadt, was the short film "London is at the North Pole", in which Olaf Krätke embodies a dual role, national award for "Best Film"! Together with producer Benjamin Huber (Langmatt Media) and director Achim Wendel took Olaf Krätke accepted the award on stage at the Theater Ingolstadt.
  • On Screen in ARD series "Um Himmels Willen" in the role of the clinic doctor "Dr. Paul Märtens".
    Broadcast: 5.4.2010, 8.15 pm - Episode "False chamomile"
    Director: Ulrich König, Casting: Franziska Aigner-Kuhn
April 2010
"Clickwork Orange"
It also marks the short film Stanley Kubrick Tribute "Clickwork Orange" (Director: Ralf Schönwiese) Olaf Krätke plays the main role, at the 10th Festival of Central and Eastern European Films in Wiesbaden its premiere. Again, the actor has to support the film said to be coming. The film is 23rd April in the Caligari cinema presents.
  • On Air: On Saturday, the 17th April, at 8.25 p.m. is to see the versatile actor as Mr. Seidel in the new TV series "dasbloghaus.tv" in the episode "The hut is burning" (Production: Saxonia Media, Casting: El-Karimah Giamal).
Christian Schleisiek und Olaf Krätke auf den Grenzlandfilmtagen in Selb On April 9th, the two short films "London is at the North Pole" and "Babylon 2084" in which the famous actor embodies secondary and leading roles be seen on the 33rd Grenzlandfilmtage in Selb. Together with director of "Babylon 2084", Christian Schleisiek, Olaf Krätke presented the film at the festival.
March 2010
"Der Ruepp"
Public and the press enthusiastically celebrated the premiere of Olaf Krätke's Ludwig Thoma staging of the peasant drama "The Ruepp" in the parish Osterzell, on 27 March 2010 took place. With cheers the public responded to the great achievements of the ensemble.
  • The science fiction film "Babylon 2084" in which the popular film actor embodies the role of Nathan, was awarded the Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) with the "Grand Jury Award for Best Student Film"
  • At the 11th Landshut Short Film Festival, the short film "London is at the North Pole" (Director: Achim Wendel, production: Langmatt Media) was awarded for "Best Children's Film". In this beautiful film about a disabled boy, Olaf Krätke embodies a double role.
  • Immediately after the launch of the DVD and Blu-Ray of "Vicky the Viking" it is the number one film on the sales charts by media control landed and has continued with his victory.
"Wickie und die starken Männer" But Olaf Krätke pleased not only that, but also the "Vicky the Viking" in the same four categories for the 60th German Film Award Nominated: "Best Score", "Best Sound Design, Best Art Direction, Best mask image"! He pushes all the nominees, the thumb and is very happy for them!
But there are two more reasons to celebrate it for the actor, since "Vicky" is nominated for two other film awards, "Best Film" for the Jupiter Award and "Best Film 2009" for the film-Casimir!

Der Ruepp

On 27 March celebrates the renowned actor Olaf Krätke with his ensemble of the theater club Osterzell Premiere Ludwig Thoma's farmer drama "The Ruepp" in which he is responsible for directing. A total of 16 performances can be admired in April and May in the Allgäu.
"London liegt am Nordpol" The film "London is at the North Pole" (Director: Achim Wendel), on 21 March 2010 at the 11th Landshut Short Film Festival shown. In this film, Olaf Krätke is shown in a double role. This involved film, which focuses on a young handicapped man, is now also out nationwide on DVD in media trade Filmsortiment.de Kay Gollhardt.
"Trauminsel Nockherberg" Actor Olaf Krätke can be seen in his signature role as Franz Müntefering in the Bavarian television! On 02 March, at 3.30 p.m. in the repetition of the TV show "Dream Island Nockherberg“ from the year 2006 and on 3 March, 5 p.m., the reradiation of the program "State Circus Nockherberg" from 2007.
February 2010
"London liegt am Nordpol"
To the delight of the socially engaged actor Krätke the short film "London is at the North Pole" (Director: Achim Wendel, production: Langmatt Media) in which he is to see in a dual role, received by the film rating board in Wiesbaden, the ratings of "highly valuable" and it was awarded "Best Short Film of the Month"! The DVD of the film is released later this summer at the media trade Filmsortiment.de Kay Gollhardt.
  • From 15 to 18 February is the actor on the 60th Berlin International Film Festival in order to meet with producers, directors, fellow actors and casters.
“Winter des Lebens” Under the direction of Benjamin Mang Olaf Krätke turns in the Bavaria Studios in Munich and the film "Winter of Life". He embodies the lead role of after 20 years released from prison Rudolf Weygart trying again contact with his now adult daughter and fails to include.
January 2010
“Das Tauschgeschäft”
In January Krätke Olaf is in Munich for the short film "The Trade" in the role of Waldemar in front of the camera. In the short film produced by the Katana Film leads Bernhard Helling director. The screenplay was written by the famous author Stefan M. Fischer. 

Wickie und die starken Männer - Das Plakat zum Film

And at the beginning of the year there is another reason to celebrate for Olaf Krätke, for the success-adventure comedy "Vicky the Viking" will be awarded on 15th January 2010 with the Audience Award of the Bavarian Film Award! Another major success on the popular actor is looking forward enormously!
Kinoplex Kaufbeuren On Sunday, the 24th January 2010 will take place in Kinoplex Kaufbeuren is a big movie event of classified „The Hedgehog File“. Here, too, will be seen on the big screen of the same kids film, and a performance of the children play with Sonja Bornemann and Olaf Krätke, as well as a show act with ICEGIRLS (Sonya Welter, Susie Bloss, known from "tabaluga tivi in ZDF). As in Biberach also leads the actor Patrick finger (known from "Bully looks strong men") by the program. Furthermore, it is one of our patrons, the popular cabaret artist Wolfgang Krebs, as well as all other actors to autograph sessions available. It will also have an information Ostallgäu the district administration, as well as the Rotary Club of Kaufbeuren (initiator of the prevention project type). All kindergartens, crèches and primary schools are invited to the event.


On Saturday, January the 23rd the big Cinema Event of the prevention project „The Hedgehog File“ will take place at the Sternenpalast cinema in Biberach/Riss. There will be a performance of the successful play by the actresses Dina Roos-Kühling and Tanja Horisberger, a screening of the children short „The Hedgehog File“ and in addition to that, a showact of the ICEGIRLS (Sonja Welter, Susi Bloss, well known of the ZDF show „tabaluga tivi“). The organisation „Jugend aktiv“ will begin with the make up for children at 2 p.m. and after all, the actors and actresses will give autographs to the all interested in. The host of this fantastic event will be Patrick Finger (well known from „Bully sucht die starken Männer“). All kindergardens and elementary schools are invited.
December 2009

Der Deutsche Comedy Preis 2009

On December actor Olaf Krätke was honoured for “Vicky, the viking”, in the category “Successfullst Movie-Comedy” with the “German Comedy Award 2009”. The actor was so glad about the message that he had won and the official document of the award, because the role of the old Urobe, he played in the film, he loves very much!
Dornröschen On Air: On December 26th., at 2.45 pm, on the ARD, the expressive actor shows his talent in the SWR fairy tale film adaption of “The Sleeping Beauty”, in which he plays the Majordomus of the King (Production company: Bavaria Filmverleih GmbH, director: Oliver Dieckmann, Casting: Stefany Pohlmann).
  • On Air: From December 15th. to 18th. Olaf Krätke can be seen in the SAT 1 telenovela “Eine wie keine”, daily at 6 pm. In the role of Kai-Uwe Grundmann (Production company: Grundy UFA Fernsehproduktion, director: Lars Morgenroth, casting: Ingrid Cuenca).
“Welt der Wunder - Kaspar Hauser” On Dec. 1st. Olaf Krätke could be seen as Jakob Binder, the police commissioner and mayor of Nuremberg, in the tv-production “Welt der Wunder - Kaspar Hauser”, on RTL 2 Television (Production company: Welt der Wunder Productions Company, director: Steffen Schrottka).
November 2009
On November 19th. the dvd of the brand new film version of the wonderful fairytale “The Sleeping Beauty” (director: Oliver Dieckmann), which you can see Olaf Krätke as Majordomus, will have premiere. Hannelore Elsner and Martin Feifel will also be starring in this fantastic television film (production company: Bavaria Filmverleih- und produktions GmbH).
  • In the same month the versatile actor plays the chief of police and major of Nuremberg, Jacob Binder in the documentary film “Welt der Wunder Spezial: Kaspar Hauser” which will be shooted in Landshut (director: Steffen Schrottka, production company: Welt der Wunder GmbH, broadcasting company: RTL 2 Television, ntv).
Rutger Hauer und Olaf Krätke At the IV’SEEN FILMFESTIVAL MILANO Olaf Krätke presented the mystery shortfilm “The Red Chapel” together with the two directors Alexander Böhle and Andy Bittner. The festival patron and world famous star, Rutger Hauer, welcomes the popular german actor very friendly and both have had a long conversation and interchange about their experiences in filmindustry and neu projects.
Olaf Krätke in “Welt der Wunder Spezial: Vampire - Mythen und Rituale” On November 1st., at 7 pm, Olaf Krätke is on air in the documentary film “Welt der Wunder Spezial: Vampire - Mythen und Rituale” in which he plays tue irish author Bram Stoker (“Dracula”), on RTL 2 Television (director: Steffen Schrottka, production company: Welt der Wunder GmbH).
October 2009
  • The adventure comedy “Vicky, the viking” of director Michael Bully Herbig, in which Olaf Krätke plays the main role of Urobe, is further sailing on a successful course. In Germany oder 4.3 million people have seen the film already. But also in Switzerland with over 100.000 and in Austria with over 800.000 people, the film is very successful. In Spain “Vicky” is also  one of the favorites of the audience. With oder 450.000 people, “Vicky, the viking” is the most successful German comedy ever!
  • In October Olaf Krätke is shooting four episodes of the brand new SAT 1 television series “Eine wie keine”, in which he plays the role of Kai-Uwe Grundmann (broadcasted short before christmas 2009). The serie will be shooted in Berlin under director Lars Morgenroth (Production company: Phoenix Film Karlheinz Brunnemann GmbH & Co. Prod. KG/ Grundy UFA TV Prod. GmbH, casting: Ingrid Cuenca).
  • For the Bavaria Film GmbH the actor plays in Munich the role of Tims father in the comedy (short) “Wir sind doch alle nur Primaten”, directed by Carola Beinert.
Lesung des neuen Präventionsprogramms “Gewalt ist was für Schwächlinge” Very enthusiastic celebrated the young audience and the teachers, the latest prevention program “Gewalt ist was für Schwächlinge” of Olaf Krätke, in the school of Germaringen.
September 2009


Moreover the film “The red chapel” (production companies: Heureka! Film, and Delirium Entertainment) will run in the international competition of the I’VE SEEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in Mailand under the patronage of Rutger Hauer (“Blade Runner”). In tue top class Jury is Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City”), Ridley Scott (“Gladiator”), Christopher Nolan (“Batman Begins”) and Antonin Corbijn (“Control”).
August 2009
  • The short Thriller “REALTIME” (“Echtzeit”) of director Steffen C. Müller, in which Olaf Krätke plays the bad boss of agents (head of game), is one of the finalists of the ACTION/ CUT 2009 SHORT FILM COMPETITION (www.actioncut.com/sfc/2009finalists.htm).
  • In addition to that, "Realtime" will also in the international competition of the DRAGON*CON INDEPENDENT SHORT FILMFESTIVAL, Atlanta Georgia (Sept. 4. - 7., 2009, www.filmfest.dragoncon.org/filmfest09.htm ) and at the 20th ANNIVERSARY NEW ORLEANS FILMFESTIVAL (Oct. 8. - 15. 2009, www.neworleansfilmfest.com ).
  • On August 5th. the feature film “Zimmer im Spiegel” (directed by  Rudi Gaul, production company: Schattengewächs Filmproduktion), in Olaf Krätke plays  Mr. Kern and co-stars with Konstantin Wecker, won the Nachwuchsförderpreis at tue 5 SEEN FILMFESTIVAL in Seefeld (Germany).
  • The mystery Thriller “The red chapel” (directors: Alexander Böhle and Andy Bittner in which Olaf Krätke stars as mine manager Maximilian Brandeisen, won the “Bear in gold” at the FESTIVAL OF THE NATIONS in Ebensee / Austria.

"Geheimsache Igel" - Das DVD-Cover

The film adaption of the successful violence prevention project THE HEDGEHOG FILE (Geheimsache Igel), Olaf Krätke not only directed but also played one of the leading roles, will run in the international competition of  the 32 ème édition Festival International du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival Jan. 29. - Feb. 6. 2010. This is a big success! Many, many thanks and congratulations to the whole crew und cast!
“Wickie und die starken Männer” On August 3rd. takes place the great press conference of “Vicky, the viking” in Munich. Apart from director Michael ‘Bully’ Herbig, Günther Kaufmann (Der schreckliche Sven), Waldemar Kobus (Halvar) and Jonas Hämmerle (Vicky) and the other “strong men”, Olaf Krätke, as one of the leading parts, will answer the questions of the journalists.
July 2009
  • For the new KIKA tv-series "DasBloghaus.tv" (Tv-premiere: 2010), Olaf Krätke plays in the episode "Gartenhaus reloaded", Mr. Seidel the machinist and electrician on the ship of Leonies father. The shooting of the film is at the Bodensee, directed by Bettina Braun (Production company: Bayerisches Fernsehen / Saxonia Media GmbH).
  • Beginning of July Olaf Krätke is playing the role of the registrar Mr. Merbold for two episodes of the very successful ARD tv series “Marienhof”, at the Bavaria Film Studios (director: Volker Schwab, production company: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH).
Isarnächte Also in July he plays the main role of the tramp Joschi in short feature film “Isarnächte”, directed by Karsten Hinrichs, which will be shooted in Freising (production company: Makromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation).

Wickie und die starken Männer - Das Plakat zum Film

The new trailer of “Vicky the viking” is here! (feature film release: Sept. 9th. 2009).
Galileo Mystery: Die Macht der Hypnose On Screen: On July 10th., at 10.20 pm, you can see Olaf Krätke in “Galileo Mystery: Die Macht der Hypnose”, on Pro Sieben Television. In this film he plays the Danish commissioner Roland Olson, a real existing Person in a crime case that really occured (director: Peter Pippig).

June 2009

  • In June Olaf Krätke works with director Oliver Dieckmann on the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” for the ARD, SWR. In this film he is the majordomus of the king (production company: Bavaria Filmverleih- und Produktions GmbH, casting: Stefany Pohlmann).

Poster Machtlos

Also in June the Thriller “Machtlos” will celebrate premiere in Munich. In this short film Olaf Krätke plays the main role as Helmut (tue father). It’s a psychological duel between father and daughter, directed by Nils Krebs (Production company: Two Elements Entertainment).


On Air: You can see Olaf Krätke on Sunday, 14th. At 8.15 pm in the feature film “Rollentausch” (Director: Andreas Schrötter), on INET-TV (www.inet-tv-Deutschland.de). In this thriller, he plays the main role Dr. Klaus Bernreiter. Co-star is Tatjana Paige Müller in a double role.

May 2009

Geheimsache Igel - Teaser mit Wolfgang Krebs und dem Igel

Susanne Bloss and Tobias Mayer will have premiere with Olaf Krätke's successful play "The Hedgehog File", at the celebration hall of the city hall of Pfaffenhofen /Ilm. This ensemble will perform the violence prevention play in kindergardens and elementary schools in the region of Munich, in future.

"The Hedgehog File"  (Teaser, May 2009)
"Geheimsache Igel" - Das DVD-Cover The film adaption of the violence prevention play “The Hedgehog File” (“Geheimsache Igel”) in which Olaf Krätke not only plays one of the main roles, but also directed, will be released on DVD at the end of May, by the Entertainment M.TWO GmbH and the Filmsortiment Medienhandel Kay Gollhardt. This educational family entertainment film, was shooted with actors which plays in a whole animated scenery, special concepted for children and based on children drawings of the play. The main role of Krümel plays Sonja Bornemann (she played this part more than 1.100 times on stage), Eric P. Caspar (“Sobibor”, “Tatort”…), Wolfgang Krebs (“Quer”) and Tobias Mayer.
  • On Air: On the 25th. Of May, at midnight the feature film “GG 19” will be broadcasted on SWR television. In this film Olaf Krätke plays the role of Dr. Hegele, directed by Harald Siebler (production company: movie members filmproduktion mbH/ casting: Anja Dihrberg).
April 2009
"Wickie und die starken Männer - Der Pfeil"

In the latest adventure movie of star director Michael Bully Herbig, “Vicky, the viking”, Olaf Krätke plays the main role of the wise old Urobe. (Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, Distributor: Constantin Filmverleih GmbH, Premiere: 09.09.2009).

Vicky, the viking (Teaser-trailer, 2009)

  • The short film Thriller „echt:ZEIT“ in which Olaf Krätke plays the boss of as spy- network, will be screened on the RIFF - Riverside International Film Fest in California (USA). Video

  • In April Olaf Krätke is shooting a social spot for cinemas for the Bayerische Suchtberatungsstelle Condrobs in Munich (director: Steffen Schrottka, Jan Doleschel, production: Shot One GmbH Film- und Fernsehproduktion).

  • On April 8th. He is on air in the ZDF tv-series “Aktenzeichen XY - ungelöst” in the episode “The roaming watch”, in which he plays the jeweller Weigandt (director: Thomas Pauli, production: Securitel Film+ Fernsehproduktions- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH).

March 2009

  • On March 3d. (20.15 pm) you can see Olaf Krätke in the role as hospital doctor Paul Märtens, in the successful ARD tv-series “Um Himmels Willen”, in the episode “Bei Nacht und Nebel”, as co-star of Fritz Wepper and Janina Hartwig. Video

  • Also at the beginning of March he is shooting the short film family drama “Machtlos” of director Nils Krebs in Munich, in which he plays the main role as Helmut (the father).

  • In addition to that, he is shooting an episode of the Pro Sieben tv-series “Galileo Mystery” in Berlin. Under the direction of Peter Pippig he plays an danish commissioner. (Production: Storyhouse Production).

January 2009
  • At the beginning of the new year Olaf Krätke is standing before the camera for the successful ZDF tv-series “Aktenzeichen XY-ungelöst” (Production: Securitel Film + Fernsehproduktions- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Direktor: Thomas Pauli) in the main role as juweller Weigandt.
  • Besides that he portrayes the Imam in the tv-movie “Die ProSieben Märchenstunde” in the fairy tale “Kalif Storch”, which will be shooted in Turkey (Production: Rat Filmproduktion GmbH, Casting: Emrah Ertem, Director: Sven Unterwaldt).

Am 30. Januar feierte im Gabriel Kino in München der Thriller "ECHTZEIT" seine überaus erfolgreiche Premiere.

On January 30th. the Thriller “echt:zeit” has had the premiere at the Gabriel Kino in Munich. In this film Olaf Krätke plays the role of the boss of a very dangerous spynetwork. Video

December 2008

On December Olaf Krätke plays main- and big supporting roles in three short film productions:

  • In the experimental short film Hommage to Stanley Kubricks „A Clockwork Orange“, „A Clickwork Orange“, he plays the addicted shrink Alex D. (main role) under the direction of Ralf Schönwiese (Production: Fachhochschule Mainz).
  • Jennifer Kutz is directing the comedy „Let‘s Date“ (Production: Makromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation), in which he plays the management consultant Dr. Petersen (main role).
  • And finally he‘s the father (supporting role) in the touching family drama „English Dalse“ (Production: Stephanie Reinhard), directed by the well known Alexander Nerlich. Video
Vanity Fair October 30.10.2008

Vanity Fair 30. Oktober 2008

Olaf Krätke finished already the shooting of the latest Feature film of star director Michael „Bully“ Herbig, „Vicky, the viking“, in which he plays the main role as Urobe. The film was shooted in Germany and on Malta

(Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, Distributor: Constantin Filmverleih GmbH, Release: 09.09.2009).
Vicky, the viking (Teaser-trailer, 2009)

August - October 2008
  • Under the direction of Michael „Bully“ Herbig, Olaf Krätke is playing the main role of the wise old Urobe, in the adventure comedy „Vicky, the viking“ (Feature film). The shooting takes place on Malta and in Germany (Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, Distributor: Constantin Filmverleih GmbH).
  • On August the actor plays the role of Nathan in the science fiction drama „Babylon 2084“. The film will be shooted in Mainz and Christian Schleisiek is the Direktor (Production: Crosscut.media)
July 2008:
  • For the award-winning director Achim Wendler Olaf Krätke portrays a scientist/cashier in the short „London liegt am Nordpol“, which will be shooted near Trier. The film gets subsidies from the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and will have premiere summer next year.
  • After that, Olaf Krätke is shooting the short „Guerilla“ of the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München (HFF), directed by Jana Lämmerer. He plays the role as attorney at law with a small, but important performance in this ecological film.
  • Also he plays the role of Mr. Danforth, a Bostonian librarian, in the feature film „Die Farbe“ (Production: Sphärentor Filmproduktion) who speaks only Bostonian English. Director of this Adaption of H.P. Lovecrafts nobel is Huan Vu and the film will be shooted in Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart.
Mai 2008:
  • Olaf Krätke cast as Urobe in Bully Herbig's new feature film "Wicki und die starken Männer" (Pro Sieben Television, casting jury: Rita Serra-Roll, Jürgen Vogel und Michael "Bully" Herbig).
April 2008:
  • Shooting for the TV sketch "Banküberfall (Bank Robbery"), directed by the successfull director Michael "Bully" Herbig, starring Jürgen Vogel
    (Production: Constantin Entertainment GmbH for Pro 7 Fernsehen).
  • On Screen in the tv series "Um Himmels Willen" in the role of "Dr. Paul Märtens".
    Broadcast scheduled for April 8th, 8.15 pm. (ARD) - Episode title: "Stehaufmänchen"
    directed by Helmut Metzger, Casting: Franziska Aigner-Kuhn
  • Shooting new episodes of the successful TV series "Um Himmels Willen"; Olaf Krätke plays the role of medical doctor Dr. Paul Märtens (directed by Ulrich Ulli König, Production: ndf: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH, Casting: Franziska Aigner-Kuhn)
  • Shooting for the movie adaption of the childrens theatre play "The Hedgehog File" will also start in April. Olaf Krätke not only plays the role of "Rooty", he also directs the movie (production: GFS Film Entertainment GmbH). This fascinating film is a child-like mixture of animation and real actors. The leading role of the film, "Crumb", will be played by Sonja Bornemann. The actor Eric Caspar (known from international feature films like "The Bible" or TV series like "Der Alte") plays the "Blue Man". The actor and comedian Wolfgang Krebs will be heard as the voice of the "Blue Chest".
March 2008:
  • Olaf Krätke plays the role of mining director Maximilian Brandeisen in the upcoming mystery thriller "Die rote Kapelle" (The Red Chapel), directed by Alexander Böhle (Production: Heureka Film! / Delirium Entertainment). Brandeisen was involved in a fatal mining accident in June 1933.
February 2008:
  • Olaf Krätke plays the main role of a mad scientist named "Prof. Brainpain" in the short film "MYPS"; directed by Sebastian Schnabel (Production: Fachhochschule Mainz).
February 2008:
  • On Screen in the tv series "Um Himmels Willen" in the role of "Dr. Paul Märtens".
    - 02.19.08, 8.15 pm. (ARD) - Episode "Volltreffer"
    - 02.12.08, 8.15 pm. (ARD) - Episode "Wehret den Anfängen"
    - 02.05.08, 8.15 pm. (ARD) - Episode "Waisenkind"
      directed by Ulrich König, Casting: Franziska Aigner-Kuhn
January 2008:
  • Shooting for the short "A life beyond - Die Rückkehr", in which Olaf Krätke plays the role of a policeman in a small village, in the Third Reich. His character is a Nazi and the family of the man suffers from him.
December 2007:
  • In the midth of december Olaf Krätke acted for seven image trailers with the title "kabel eins - echt kabel eins", for the television company Kabel Eins. The trailers were produced by Pro SiebenSAT 1 Produktion GmbH, and directed by Philip Haucke.
November 2007:
November 2007:
  • On Screen in "Gwendolyn" in the role of "Heribert, the crazy postman".
    Broadcast: 11.25.2008, 2.05 pm. - Bayerisches Fernsehen
    directed by Stefanie Sycholt
October 2007:
  • Shooting for the Hollywood feature film "Testing Life" directed by Carolin von Petzholdt.
  • Shooting for the successful ARD tv-series "Um Himmels Willen" (ndf: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH, Casting: Franziska Aigner-Kuhn). Olaf Krätke plays the role of Dr. Paul Märtens.
Report of the television company TV Allgäu about the reading "Bücher aus dem Feuer" 2007 in the primary school Biessenhofen.
Report of the television company TV Allgäu about an event of the violence prevention project "The hedgehog file" in Buchloe (Allgäu), 2007